Inheritance tax (IHT) and how to reduce it.

There are several ways to reduce your IHT liability. Your Anstee & Co financial adviser can give you more information about the options shown below. How to reduce IHT Make lifetime gifts to reduce your taxable estate. Use the annual exemption, small gift and regular gifts from income. Plan for the new residence nil rate [...]

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Pension tax allowances,options to maximise.

The best place for independent financial pension advice is from our advisers, but here are the key areas for consideration: Make full use of your annual tax-free pension allowance of normally £40,000. Use any unused annual pension allowances available to carry forward from previous tax years. Make sure you’re getting tax relief at the appropriate [...]

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Tax planning review with our financial advisers.

The end of the tax year is approaching fast, so speaking to us and taking action before 6 April 2017 could save you money, allowing you to take full advantage of your reliefs and exemptions. If you have not already taken advantage or your allowances, it’s not surprising because tax can be complicated. In recent [...]

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Inheritance tax, will it affect my estate.

Inheritance tax is payable if the estate of a deceased person (their property, money and possessions) is worth more than a figure which is set periodically by the Government. Currently standing at £325,000. This figure is referred to as the “nil rate band”. Estates exceeds this figure, will be subject to tax at 40%, though [...]

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Pension savers can access £1500 tax-free for pension advice.

Pension savers will be able to withdraw up to £1500 tax-free from their pension fund to pay for independent financial advice. The government made this announcement today. (3rd February2017) The scheme will allow pension savers to withdraw up to £500 from their pension three times in their life time. Simon Kirby the Economic Secretary to [...]

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