Options to reduce your income tax.

Income tax can be applied widely not just to your salary. There are ways to reduce your annual income tax bill. The best source of guidance is your Anstee & Co. financial adviser, but here are some of the options you might consider: Make a pension contribution to reduce your taxable income. Escape the child [...]

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What are the different types of ISA?

The best source of guidance on ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) is your Anstee & Co financial adviser. Their advice is independent and unbiased, but here are the key details. Different types if ISA There are currently five types of ISA: Cash ISAs can include savings in bank and building society accounts and some NS&I (National [...]

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Serve is our chosen charity for this year’s Golf Day

Rushden based charity "Serve" is the chosen charity for our third annual Golf Day on 5th October 2017. This annual fundraising event will be held at Wellingborough Golf Club. SERVE has been supporting independence in East Northamptonshire covering Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby and further afield. Operating since the 1980s. Their aim is for everyone who wishes to remain [...]

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What is an Inheritance tax ( IHT ) threshold?

An inheritance tax ( IHT ) charge only applies if the value of the estate is above the IHT threshold-which is currently £325,000. This is often referred to as the “nil rate band”. You will not pay any IHT if you leave everything to your spouse or civil partner, a charity or sports club. These [...]

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Channel 4 Launches “Dogs Behaving Badly”

Great news, a friend of Anstee & Co, Graeme Hall, has a new Channel 4 programme starting this Saturday the 11th March at 6.05 pm. Using Crufts Dog Show to launch "Dogs Behaving Badly", an exciting new dog programme featuring Graeme. Here's what Channel 4 has to say: Dogs Behaving Badly will follow Graeme Hall, The [...]

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ISA allowances and options to maximise them.

The best source of concise guidance on Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), is you Anstee & Co financial adviser, but here are the key areas for consideration: Use your full annual Individual Savings Account allowance if you can- you can’t carry it into the next tax year. Where possible, transfer existing investment's which are subject to tax on [...]

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