What happens to the family home if we divorce?

This, unfortunately is a question that our financial advisers we are being asked more and more by clients. So do you need a financial adviser? To start with all the assets of a divorcing couple will need to be valued. This is before any decisions can be taken as to how they should be shared. This [...]

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Retirement. What is you plan for later life?

Advances in medical science have seen life expectancy increase. Over two-thirds of the United Kingdom population, are now aged over fifty. That’s over 21 million people. Also for the first time in history, two-thirds of this number are aged over sixty. That’s fourteen million people. Half a million people are over ninety years old and [...]

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Divorce. How a financial adviser can help.

Recent figures show that forty two percent of marriages in England and Wales now end in divorce. One of the age groups where divorce rates are rising in the over sixties. This maybe due to more financial independence. This is according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). So how can a financial adviser help? After [...]

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Separation. Do I need financial advice as well as legal?

Married couples and civil partners who no longer wish to live together but do not wish to terminate their marriage or civil partnership have the option of separating either informally or formally. This is also known as separation. What is an informal separation? An informal separation would require agreement on such issues as children, money, housing [...]

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Equity release. Could you unlock the money in your home?

It is a fact that most of the personal financial wealth in the United Kingdom is tied up in their property. Many retired people are “cash poor but property rich”. Equity release can be used in later life to supplement pension income or used to finance major items of expenditure. Such as home improvements or [...]

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Pension freedom. Many people not taking advice.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has highlighted that thousands are at risk of financial harm or unnecessary tax bills. They state that since the new pension reforms were introduce in 2015 many savers are not taking independent financial advice. Large number of savers are opting for income drawdown plans when cashing in their pension funds. [...]

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