Equity release. Points to consider if it’s right for you?

Figures from the Equity Release Council (ERC) show the total value of equity release lending continues to grow. From 2015 to 2016 there has been a 77% rise in the amount borrowed. The most recent figures show that the average amount borrowed has now increased to £70,000. Although equity release can be right for some, [...]

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Inheritance tax receipts keep rising. Need you pay?

Exceptionally high levels of stamp duty are reported to be discouraging house sales and in particular discouraging older people from down-sizing. Stamp duty on the sale of a £2 million home will amount to £143,000 and on a £600,000 home to £20,000. The government is also benefitting from increased receipts from inheritance tax (IHT) which [...]

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Pensions in divorce. What to do with your pension.

Surprisingly, divorce rates are falling. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), there were 101,055 divorces in the United Kingdom in 2015. This is a 9 per cent reduction from 2014. Getting divorced can have an impact on your pension. The average age for getting divorced is increasing. For men, the age is now [...]

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Buy-to-let mortgage clampdown is coming.

Landlords with a buy-to-let mortgage will be facing further new regulations being introduced on the 1st October 2017. These new rules have been introduced by The Bank of England. They apply to landlords who have a property portfolio of four or more properties. Every time such landlords refinance one property, or buy another, mortgage lenders will have [...]

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Retirement Mortgages. They could be coming soon.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulates the mortgage market in the United Kingdom have launched proposals to create a market for interest only mortgages for the retired. They have approached the mortgage industry to look at solutions for interest only mortgages that last until you die.   What are the FCA’s thoughts? Retirement interest [...]

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Inheritance tax. Why pay this optional tax?

People generally plan for the short term. We tend to concentrate on generating wealth and accumulating assets such as property or shares to protect our families. Both now and in retirement. However, what happens after we die? Arranging funeral expenses may be the only action we take. By doing this we are helping to build [...]

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