Mortgage borrowing into retirement. Should you?

Over the last few years, mortgage lenders have become more amenable to older borrows who are moving into retirement. We have seen mortgage rates improve and there's now greater flexibility in the products available. Traditional mortgage lenders are now will to extend the borrowing term of the mortgage beyond state pension age. The requirement that [...]

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Protecting your family. A personal story.

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner based in Bedford. Last year I took part in the Prudential Ride London 100-mile bike ride and took the opportunity to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.  The reason I chose this particular charity is because a friend of friends, Mark, who I had met from time to time [...]

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Enterprise Investment Scheme. What are they & do you need one?

I am often asked about Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Often people are aware that they are a way of saving tax but are not sure if they are right for them. So here is a simple, straightforward guide. The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a tax- efficient investment that was introduced by the Government back in [...]

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Housing wealth could be the key to comfortable retirement.

Couple planning their retirement People retiring over the last twenty years, have on average, seen enormous rises in the value of their homes. Figures show that house prices have risen in England by 42% in the last twelve years alone. These figures highlight that your home could be an obvious asset to tap [...]

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Dementia care training for the Team.

We today had a presentation by our colleague Rachel Efetha. Rachel has recently undergone training through the Alzheimer's Society on raising awareness about Dementia. The presentation was interactive and even included a game of Bingo! The presentation reminded us of these five key messages: Dementia is not a natural part of ageing Dementia is caused [...]

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Dementia Friends. Training for your staff.

Training for you and your staff. A Dementia Friend is someone who learns a little about what it is like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action, for instance, signing up to the Alzheimer’s Society’s campaigns to improve the lives of people with dementia or being more patient when out in [...]

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Volatility is Back. Investing in a volatile market

Investing in a volatile market Recently the markets have been more volatile and this often causes concern to investors who do not fully understand this complex subject. Volatility can be triggered by many events and is a normal part of investing and generally should not be feared.  However, market volatility is also a reminder that [...]

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Spring Statement 2018. Find out more about the key points.

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his first Spring Statement on 13th March 2018.  Below is a summary of the key points from his speech: Spring Statement 2018 Economy The UK economy has grown every year since 2010 and is now expected to grow at the faster rate of 1.5% this year, compared to the forecast of [...]

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