Investing in Stocks and Shares? What to consider?

With savings rates being at a historical low for some time, you may be looking at different ways of protecting your hard-earned money from inflation. Investing is a more adventurous approach with your savings that might now be worth considering. Purchasing stocks and shares is one way to do this. Stocks and share purchase is [...]

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Should you be remortgaging to a better deal?

This is what you need to know about remortgaging and why you should review your mortgage regularly. When your existing fixed-rate or discount mortgage rate comes to an end you should review your options. This may be changing to a new deal with your existing lender or moving your existing mortgage to another lender to [...]

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How to gift money in a tax efficient way

Passing on wealth between generations in a tax-efficient way is a key part of financial planning. In this article, we will look at how to gift money in a tax-efficient way,  from passing on a pension to helping your children with a buy to let. Here are some areas to discuss with our financial planner [...]

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Protection for when the unexpected happens.

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. I’d like to tell you about my client David.  Eight years ago, his wife, Kath, was hit by a car when their youngest son was just two weeks old.  She was in a coma for six months and is now severely brain-damaged.  David had to [...]

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Congratulations to Sam Williams on passing his exam.

Congratulations to Sam on his exam success. Congratulations to Sam Williams on completing his final paraplanning exam (J09). Combined with previous exams passed he has now gained the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Level 4, "Certificate in Paraplanning". The final paper comprised of three pieces of coursework based on a case study covering all areas of [...]

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Is marriage the greatest tax planning strategy ever?

Many financial advisers will claim that marriage is – “The greatest tax planning strategy ever invented”. This might not seem very romantic but is it true? Inheritance Tax (IHT) is perhaps the biggest benefit. Unmarried couples can only pass assets to each other free of tax up the value of the “nil rate band” of [...]

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Charity Golf Day goes with a swing.

Our 5th Annual Charity Golf Day saw 14 teams challenge themselves, over 18 holes, against the parkland course of Wellingborough Golf Club. The event raised £3,931.14 which is all going to “Dementia Sings Out”, a Community Choir, based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. At the presentation dinner, Ruth Bowe, gave a lively talk, about the work of [...]

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Pension advice is needed when getting divorced.

Going through a divorce is never easy but getting independent pension advice early on is important to your future wealth. Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the average (median) duration of a marriage at the time of divorce was just over twelve years for opposite-sex couples. Unreasonable behaviour was the most [...]

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Self-employed? Ways for you to protect your financial future.

There can be many benefits to being self-employed or running your own business. The flexible hours, being able to work from home. Holidays when and for how long you want them. Of course, being your own boss also has its downside. It’s not just about making sure your business is profitable and being able to [...]

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