Pension Jargon Busters guide. Find out more.

It is quite easy to get confused about pensions. However, spending a little time to understand some of the key terms will help. This article aims to explain the key terms relating to pension and retirement planning that you may come across. We hope you find this "Pension Jargon Buster" guide useful. Final Salary Scheme [...]

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Round up of the latest Corvid-19 Government support.

The 11 March Budget from the new Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, included £7 billion of expenditure targeting the impact of Covid-19 on employees, the self-employed and businesses. On 17 March a further raft of measures was announced, amounting to an additional £20 billion of Government support expenditure plus £330 billion of loan guarantees. By 20 March [...]

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Coronavirus payment holiday on your mortgage.

By Darren Amos, Independent Financial Adviser Are you considering the coronavirus payment holiday on your mortgage? Remember that the interest will still be added to the mortgage, increasing the balance and that you will then be paying interest on the extra interest for the rest of the term of the mortgage. Most lenders have confirmed [...]

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Questions to ask your parents about their finances.

One of the most difficult conversations you probably will have with your parents is what plans have they made for their financial future. It’s a balancing act between your parents feeling that they are not losing financial control and you being aware that they have some form of plan in place. All this while still [...]

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A personal message on the coronavirus.

A personal message by Caroline Anstee, Managing Director of Anstee & Co. Hello Following our coronavirus update last week, I just wanted to send a personal message at this difficult and worrying time. As you know I have been in this industry a long time and I have therefore experienced many stock market crashes. Each [...]

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First-time buyer? Need help finding your deposit?

As a first-time buyer, getting the deposit together for your home is hard. To help first-time mortgage buyers the government launched its Lifetime ISA. Sometimes known as a LISA. This scheme was first made available in April 2017 and is open to people aged 18 but before the age of 40, who are UK residents. [...]

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Cash Flow Modelling. Planning for a secure financial future.

Planning for a secure financial future?  It’s very helpful to build a detailed plan to create a picture of your finances now and in the future. Cash Flow Modelling is a way to assist you in making informed decisions over the years to help achieve your long-term objective of a secure financial future. At Anstee [...]

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Questions to ask about your pension before retirement.

If you have a pension, do you know how much you have saved or more importantly, what level of income will it produce for you in retirement? Have you reviewed those old pensions from past employers? If the answers “I’m not sure”, then follow these top tips about, questions to ask about your pension before [...]

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