Lasting power of attorney. Do you need one?

A lasting power of attorney should be part of your financial planning in the later years of your life. A will enables you to set out your plans after death, but a lasting power of attorney (LPA) will ensure that your wishes are carried out during your lifetime. What is a lasting power of attorney? [...]

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Understand the value of your pension in a divorce.

We understand that relationship breakdowns can be emotionally tough and financially expensive, so try and avoid these mistakes. You mustn't underestimate the value of your pension in a divorce settlement. Understand the value of your pensions in a divorce. The valuation of a pension in divorce is never straightforward. Some pensions include guaranteed levels of [...]

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Critical illness cover. Preparing for the worst.

You may be one of the millions of people in the United Kingdom who have critical illness cover. This vital protection was often taken out when you took out your first mortgage or renewed it. A good mortgage broker will renew your policies for you to ensure that they still provide the level of cover [...]

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‘Spot the Dog’ of Investments

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner Execution Only Investments giant, Bestinvest, has published it's latest six-monthly 'Spot the Dog' list. To make it onto the list, a fund must underperform the market by 5% after fees over three years. There are 150 funds on this list, but here are just the worst 18. Fund  Size  [...]

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Remortgage. Are you paying too much due to apathy?

The mortgage industry estimates that over two million of us are paying too much for our mortgage. Homebuyers have not taken note of when there fixed or discounted rate deal has ended and have gone onto their mortgage lenders standard variable rate (SVR). With a  remortgage, a homebuyer could save themselves a considerable about of [...]

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