Interest rate changes. How will this effect you?

With changes to the Bank of England base rate, these are the views from one market commentator on what might happen to interest rates. Following the Monetary Policy Committees (MPC’s) decision to raise interest rates yesterday the below comment is  from 7IM. Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co Founder and Head of Corporate Development, 7IM: “Today’s rate [...]

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Market view from Seven Investment Management.

By Rhea Grant of Seven Investment Management. For 7IM, the last few months have been all about treading carefully. Markets have been at record highs yet all doesn’t seem right. Brexit, amongst other things, is still one of the most uncertain events ever. Provided you’re on course to achieve your expected returns, there doesn’t seem [...]

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The “Old Lady” sends out a subtle warning.

 The Bank of England’s latest quarterly inflation report has hinted that the future path of interest rates may not be quite what the market expects. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England said- “On the whole, the Committee judges that, if the economy follows a path broadly consistent with its central projection, then monetary [...]

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Theresa May’s Brexit speech – what does it mean for you?

  Theresa May finally delivered her twelve-point Brexit plan for taking the United Kingdom (UK) out of the European Union (EU). In a detailed speech, the Prime Minister, set out her vision for a ‘managed Brexit’. She would seek ‘a new, positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the European Union’.     Theresa May’s key [...]

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