retirement couple kissingMy colleagues are often asked, “…so what do you actually do as a financial planner”? Below is a recent retirement case study which I hope will demonstrate the work and value that an independent financial planner provides.

Retirement case study.

New clients contacted us regarding his pensions. They were very concerned about their interest-only mortgage, letters had started arriving from the mortgage lender and they didn’t know how they were going to pay the lump sum.

They both had good jobs although he was stressed out, working all hours purely for the reason that he had to earn the money to pay off the mortgage. In their words – “they couldn’t afford to slow down”.

They wanted to consolidate his pensions and use the tax-free cash lump sum to pay some of the mortgage off.

We reviewed their pensions, went through a cashflow exercise and then advised on a re-mortgage and a consolidation of the pensions.

What was the outcome?

He has now left his pressurised job, his pensions are still intact, and they are on track for retirement and have a plan with the cash flow. They can both now sleep at night.

In their words “It has changed their lives”.

How Anstee & co can help you with retirement planning.

The above case is not unique. Many people are not aware that there is a financial solution available to them, they are just not aware that it exists. As independent financial advisers, we can look at all the financial options available and offer unbiased advice.

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