Interest rate changes. How will this effect you?

Interest rate Bank of EnglandWith changes to the Bank of England base rate, these are the views from one market commentator on what might happen to interest rates.

Following the Monetary Policy Committees (MPC’s) decision to raise interest rates yesterday the below comment is  from 7IM.

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co Founder and Head of Corporate Development, 7IM:

“Today’s rate rise – the first in ten years – is a new economic era for the new millennial generation, many of whom have never experienced a rate rise before and who have had little choice but to embrace debt. My message is not to panic – today’s rate rise merely reverses last year’s emergency cut following the referendum vote.

“Let’s also not forget the older generations – the savers who outnumber the borrowers. This rise will be tiny, especially with inflation at 3%, but any little will help. The old generation suffer because someone changed the rules and nobody warned them. Saved all their lives to live off the interest, only to find that the returns are paltry. However the new rates are still negative rates!

“This is also a klaxon call to mortgage holders that their monthly payments will inevitably be rising at some stage. Plan now to manage future pain.”

How Anstee & Co can help you with interest rate changes.

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