Our Fees

How we are paid for our work

We pride ourselves that our fees are straight forward and transparent

We provide you with an initial consultation free of charge. As professional advisers, we have to be paid for the work that we do on your behalf. This benefits you in terms of income and growth produced, or the tax saved, normally, far outweighing our fees.

Private clients

All fees are discussed with you in advance and are set out in writing. If is often possible for the fee to be paid by a deduction from funds invested or in the case of pensions from untaxed income.

You will usually pay an initial fee to cover work done in assessing your needs and arranging any new investments. This fee is based on the value of funds invested and ranges from 0.5% to 3% depending on the sum invested and the complexity of the work.

You will also pay a fee for ongoing advice and regular face-to-face review meetings. These meetings are normally annually, but may be more frequent depending on your requirements. The fee is based on the value of money under advice. It is typically 0.5% or lower, but may be up to 1% depending on circumstances.

We always want you to be comfortable in speaking to us at any time or contacting us by email without the fear of what it might cost. So, we do not normally operate a time-charged basis with private clients

No VAT applies to our fees. If this changes in the future we will let you know.

Corporate clients

Fees will be individually discussed with each business on a case by case bases.

Where we are paid through commission directly by an insurer we will always disclose any such payments in advance.

Where direct payment of fees from the business is required, you will receive a terms of agreement letter from us itemising what work the fees cover.

Mortgage advice

We charge a fee of £395.00 for providing advice and submitting your mortgage application.  This fee becomes payable on the submission of your mortgage application.

For specialist Equity Release / Lifetime mortgages we charge a fee of £895.00 for providing advice and submitting your application. The fee becomes payable on completion of the Equity Release /Lifetime mortgage. You may choose for your solicitor to pay this fee from the mortgage proceeds.

We will receive and retain a commission from the lender when your mortgage completes. This amount will be confirmed by the lender in their disclosure document.

Should you wish you can request to view the commission rates from each of the lenders we have considered at the time that we make our recommendation to you.

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