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1308, 2020

How a midlife financial tweak can transform your retirement.

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For many of us, our working life is stretching out. As our life expectancy rises and pension provisions become less generous reviewing your financial plans has never been more important. As we work longer, it [...]

2307, 2020

Pensions – It’s never too late to save for your retirement.

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By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. Whilst the 40 somethings parents and grandparents enjoyed a job for life and a pension from their employer based on the number of years service [...]

2107, 2020

Enjoyed furlough so much that you don’t want to return to work?

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By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. I was recently introduced to new clients, Paul (aged 61) and Janice (aged 58). Not their real names. Paul was furloughed for six weeks towards [...]

1707, 2020

Redundancy Advice Package for Employers

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First of all, redundancy is never easy. To help your staff who have been made redundant we have put together several support packages. These can be delivered to a group or individually, while still following [...]

1407, 2020

How do I get a mortgage? We can help you.

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We are often asked. “How do I get a mortgage”? First of all, we would recommend that you start thinking about your mortgage application at least six months before you apply. Here are some of [...]

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