Paying off your mortgage when you have retired.

Recent figures released from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), show that 40% of borrowers who took out a mortgage in 2017 will be over the age of 65 by the time the loan is repaid. Why is this happening? With property prices increasing, first-time buyers are often having to wait until their thirties before they [...]

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Overpaying your mortgage? Should you?

Recent figures from the consumer group "Which" show that nearly half (46%) of homeowners are overpaying their mortgage. The largest group overpaying being the under 25's. So should you be thinking about overpaying your mortgage? Why should you overpay your mortgage? Overpaying allows you to save on your interest payments. This saving can be substantial [...]

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Remortgage before Brexit. Should you?

Nobody likes uncertainty, especial when it comes to your finances. Regardless of your thoughts on Brexit, it is difficult to predict what the financial future holds. We have seen the Bank of England base rate start to edge up with a hint that more is to come.  Great if you are a saver, but not so [...]

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