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Foundation – Lucy and Craig’s Story

If you put your money to work for your when you’re young, you give yourself a better chance of a secure financial future.

Anstee & Co can help you identify your short, medium and long term goals and help you to achieve these.

Lucy and Craig’s Story

Lucy Bellamy and her partner Craig Irving are considering buying their first home together.  Both have professional jobs and have been renting for some time but now feel they should get on the property ladder.

Lucy and Craig have spoken to their bank but would like an independent opinion to help ensure they secure a favourable mortgage deal.  The whole area of mortgages is quite confusing for them.  Some of the language used is unfamiliar to them and although they are well educated it does create a barrier.  They feel that a mortgage is a great responsibility and need to understand all the pros and cons to help ensure they are both financially secure, whatever happens.

Since starting their first jobs after university they have been saving for a deposit and firstly would like to know how much they could borrow and afford. Lucy remembers from when she signed her contract with her employer that she has some employee benefits including a pension contribution and sickness pay but does not understand the annual statement she receives.  Craig receives a higher income but as far as he knows doesn’t have any benefits from his company and worries about taking on a commitment should he lose his job or become ill.

The young couple want clear, independent advice to help ensure that they have suitable financial plans in place now and for their future.

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The above is an example only and does not refer to an actual case.

AS A MORTGAGE IS SECURED AGAINST YOUR HOME, IT COULD BE REPOSSESSES IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP THE MORTGAGE REPAYMENTS.  For mortgages we can be paid by commission, a fee or a combination of both. Our typical fee is £395. However, we will discuss your payment options with you and confirm the actual amount payable before we begin to provide our services.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Renovation – John and Beverley’s Story.

Just when you think you have it all planned, life throws something at you and everything changes.  Whatever those changes are, be it redundancy, divorce, retirement – expected or out of the blue – Anstee & Co is here to help.

John and Beverley’s Story

John and Beverley James have been married for 19 years.  For the last two years they have been living apart and have now decided to divorce.

Legal advice has been taken and a settlement agreed through the courts.  Beverley has been given the family home (with mortgage), a sharing order of her husband’s pension, some income until her son is 18 and has some savings of her own.  Financial security for herself and her son is her most important consideration and she finds it difficult not having anyone to talk to about finances.

Beverley is very keen to ensure that her day-to-day finances are efficient and that she can afford to save for her future now that she is on her own, so would welcome some clear and trustworthy financial advice.

John too is anxious to have independent advice as his former plans have changed since he is now in rented accommodation and also has a reduced pension.

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The above is an example only and does not refer to an actual case

Case Studies

Case Studies

Construction – James and Kelly’s Story.

You’re successful and very busy – but are you making the most of your money?  Anstee & Co can help you put in place strategies to design a suitable financial plan to make your money work for you.

James and Kelly’s Story.

James and Kelly Phillips both work full time and have three children.  Kelly works in marketing and James is a partner in a firm of solicitors.  Life is very hectic and, outside of work, is dedicated to running the home and to the children.

They both want the best for their children and hope that they will go onto higher education.  Every now and then when alone together, which is very rare, they have a discussion about their hopes for the children and how their own future will be once the children have left home.  They reflect on the financial paperwork that sits in a filing cabinet (or in a pile somewhere!) and on their mental “to do” list.

They know they need to review it all.  Over the years they have collected various pensions between them and they have no idea what they mean and since his law firm became an LLP, James knows he needs to understand more of the tax implications.  James and Kelly remortgaged their house on a better deal two years ago and at the time they were concerned about protection should one of them become ill or die.  They had the paperwork but it sits unopened.  Every now and again it worries them but then life goes on …….

James and Kelly don’t worry about what they know, it is more about what they don’t know!  They could really do with a review of their existing plans and a financial plan for the future to make sure they can achieve their aims.  Ideally, they need someone to ensure that everything is running smoothly on an ongoing basis, ensuring they are made aware of any legislative changes with tax etc.

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The above is an example only and does not refer to an actual case.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Preservation – Bob and Mary’s Story.

As life moves on, it is important to make sure your financial planning reflects changes in health, lifestyle and future plans.  Anstee & Co will be happy to help you review your finances to make sure your money is being used wisely.

Bob and Mary’s Story.

Bob and Mary Allen have been retired for some time now.  Their pension income is secure, but they would like to ensure that their investments are working as hard as possible so that their standard of living doesn’t drop and will hopefully provide them with financial security for the rest of their lives.

The paperwork in connection with their investments and tax affairs has become more of a burden.  Additionally, their will was made when their children were little and they feel they now need to review this to take into account their grandchildren.

Although their children are financially independent, Bob and Mary would like to think that their wealth will be passed onto the next generation and beyond.

They understand the limits of inheritance tax but are not sure how it affects them and what they can and cannot do.  Although they are both in good health now, they worry should one or both need care as they get older and also how their income would be affected when one of them dies.  They have also read about a lasting power of attorney but don’t really understand when it is needed.

All these concerns niggle them and they would love to talk about them to someone who they can trust!

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The above is an example only and does not refer to an actual case.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Development -Ben and Tim’s Story.

Ben Pearson and Tim Richards run their own business as partners, employing 20 people.  The business has grown very quickly and the day to day running of the business takes all their time.

Ben and Tim’s story.

A couple of Ben and Tim’s employees have asked about pensions and although before they set up the business they meant to look into this, they have been so busy this hasn’t yet been done.  They know that they need to do something.  The partners also haven’t had a chance to set up any legal framework for the partnership and they both have concerns should one of them die or leave the business, as all their capital assets are tied up.  Both Ben and Tim have pensions from their previous employers but haven’t done anything for themselves since starting the business.

A review of their employee benefits situation is urgently required along with a look at their personal situation, to ensure security for the business and their families now and for future generations.

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This is an example only and does not refer to an actual case.

Anstee & Co has wide experience in all aspects of corporate financial planning and can help you to optimise your business for tax, to incentivise and reward your employees and plan for your own retirement.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Grand Designs – Elizabeth and Stephen’s Story.

You’ve worked hard to achieve a high standard of living.  Now it is important to aim to ensure the wealth you’ve accumulated is put to good use.

Elizabeth and Stephen’s Story.

Through inheritance and the sale of a successful business, Elizabeth and Stephen Williams have amassed a number of valuable assets, including residential and commercial property, shares and large balances in their bank and building society accounts.

Elizabeth and Stephen are not particularly interested in the day-to-day running of their investment funds.  The paperwork is very time-consuming and they feel as though their assets are all over the place.  However, they don’t want their hard work, and the hard work of their parents, to be wasted and not perform efficiently for the next generation.  Over the years, they have had some advice with regard to the business and have saved tax-efficiently in pensions (although they don’t know where this is invested) but now feel they need expert advice on their overall personal situation.

The main concern for Elizabeth and Stephen is that their wealth passes to the next generation as tax-efficiently as possible, whilst giving them financial security and allowing them to do the things they have planned for in retirement.  They have more than enough income from various sources, so their wealth will keep increasing and this brings with it problems of taxation.

The couple needs expert, independent advice to provide financial clarity and a plan to help them preserve their wealth and make it work for them in the most tax-efficient manner.

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The above is an example only and does not refer to an actual

Case Studies

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