A small collection of comments left by our valuable clients.

“It is dangerous to generalise but frequently, in the context of marriage breakdown, it is the wife who finds herself for the first time probably in many years having to cope with money. It is a strange, bewildering and often frightening landscape as the wife grapples to cope with decisions in relation to pension shares and investing a lump sum which will have to provide for her into her old age.

I think a woman financial adviser steals a march over her male counterpart in terms of approachability. It is generally easier for the female client to admit that she is clueless over finances to another woman than it is to a man; their relationship is more likely to be to viewed by the woman as one of equals and hence a relationship of trust will be built more quickly. I think also because the client will more readily admit to her ignorance to another woman that it will result in the advise being tailored accordingly (I find women do not love jargon to the same extent that men do) and the client will have a greater understanding and
be able to make truly informed decisions.

There will always be exceptions but my experience is that women clients who are at a crisis point in their lives when financial advise has to be given find a woman IFA far less patronising and threatening than a man”

Jane Proctor -­‐ Partner, JJ Solicitors LLP
“Before meeting Caroline I had had experience of talking to a number of male financial advisers who I had found pushy, incomprehensible and definitely not people I would want to confide in. As a result, I actively sought out a female financial adviser who I thought wouldn’t patronise or talk jargon at me. Working with you has been hugely different – you make sense, don’t patronise and understand what it’s like to be juggling home/family/work life. You also make discussions about finance interesting/fun even and have been consistently there to help when I have needed to make crucial decisions. The fact that you are also happy to meet around my busy work schedule has been brilliant.”
Claire Lazarus
“Just to say thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into finding us a mortgage”.
Julie & John
“A great service that was explained in great detail with all the help one would require to be at ease with the process”.
“It has been a delight dealing with my adviser – she is approachable knowledgeable and professional – Thank you”.
“We have come to expect excellent service from the company and adviser so our expectations were already very high – We were not disappointed”.
“I am a low risk customer. My adviser is very patient with me when explaining things which I appreciate”.
“I would recommend my adviser to anyone for his professionalism, humour and excellent communication skills. His support after my husband’s death was superb”.
“Very easy process well explained and delivered”.
“The most professional / knowledgably adviser I have encountered in over 20 years”.
“Exceptional service. Would use again and thoroughly recommended”.

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