Not sure if you can afford to retire yet?

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. In this short video, Rachel shows you how we make use of cash flow modelling tools in a practical case study. As a business, we use cash flow modelling to help you see what your retirement will look like financially. Through a series [...]

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Are you nearing retirement? If so, we can help.

If you are nearing retirement you might feel a little rattled after the recent fluctuation in the world’s stock markets. What type of pension do you have? If you are lucky enough to have a defined benefits pension, sometimes referred to as a final salary scheme then your pension income in retirement will be unaffected. [...]

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Do you want to be a “Silver Striver”? The dos and don’ts.

What is a silver striver I hear you ask? Is it a new superhero from Marvels Infinity Wars film? Well no, a silver striver is the term being used by marketing types for people who are working past their retirement date. If this is something that you are considering out of choice or necessity, then [...]

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Retirement planning: What if I live to 100?

Living well into and past your 90’s is a real possibility today. Life expectancy is certainly getting longer for both men and women. For some this sounds exciting, for others it’s a worry about how they will afford to live.  Whichever way you look at it, it certainly complicates things, especially your finances. That's why [...]

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Pension Jargon Busters guide. Find out more.

It is quite easy to get confused about pensions. However, spending a little time to understand some of the key terms will help. This article aims to explain the key terms relating to pension and retirement planning that you may come across. We hope you find this "Pension Jargon Buster" guide useful. Final Salary Scheme [...]

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Divorce. Don’t lose out financially.

First of all, do you really want a divorce? Have you looked at the reasons why you are unhappy in your relationship? Have all the avenues such as marriage counselling, marriage coaching, psychotherapy or separation been explored. If you feel that there is no going back, you will need to consider the following. Take professional [...]

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Retirement plan needed for all business owners

A survey conducted by Aldermore Bank showed that almost three-quarters of business owners expect to be working past the age of sixty-five. This, however, is not out of choice. Two-thirds said that they would have preferred to have been enjoying their retirement by then. The key reason given is that they are looking to enjoy [...]

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Getting divorced? Will a financial adviser help you get the best deal?

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner based in Bedford, Bedfordshire. The first working Monday of the new year has been dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ as it sees an increasing number of married couples starting to make enquiries about ending an already unhappy marriage which has had an increasing strain over the festive period. Getting divorced is [...]

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Inheritance Tax: This is what you need to know.

By Samantha Clarke, Chartered Paraplanner with Anstee & Co. Inheritance Tax (IHT) is paid on the value of the assets that a person leaves behind when they die.  It can also apply to some gifts that are made before someone dies. If you are married or have a civil partner, you can leave the entire [...]

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Retirement income. What choices do you have?

If you are in your fifties or early sixties now is a good time to start thinking about what your retirement income might look like. With our busy lives, it is always easy to put these reviews off as you may feel that retirement is still a long way off and there is little you [...]

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