Interest only mortgage? We may be able to help.

Do you feel that you are locked into an interest only mortgage deal that you cannot get out of? To help you with this mortgage companies are coming up with some creative solutions. Furthermore, as we are independent mortgage brokers, we can look at all the financial solutions available to you. However, for many, equity [...]

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Not sure if you can afford to retire yet?

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. In this short video, Rachel shows you how we make use of cash flow modelling tools in a practical case study. As a business, we use cash flow modelling to help you see what your retirement will look like financially. Through a series [...]

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Are you nearing retirement? If so, we can help.

If you are nearing retirement you might feel a little rattled after the recent fluctuation in the world’s stock markets. What type of pension do you have? If you are lucky enough to have a defined benefits pension, sometimes referred to as a final salary scheme then your pension income in retirement will be unaffected. [...]

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Should I continue to take an income from my pensions?

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. Should you continue to take an income from your pensions? All clients taking, or considering taking, flexible withdrawals from their pensions during this uncertain time should be aware of the danger of ‘pound cost ravaging’ and its potential to deplete your funds too quickly. What [...]

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Should I stop my pension contributions while furloughed?

For many people after being furloughed the first thing they do is to look very carefully at where they spend their money. They will draw up a list of priorities. Food, the mortgage or rent and utilities are usually at the top of most people's lists. At the bottom are often that gym membership that [...]

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Accessing your pension early? Should you?

Some of our clients ask if they can access their pension early? The answer that we give is that depends on your pension type. Let’s have a look at the most common types- State Pension The earliest you can get a State Pension is when you reach State Pension age. Your State Pension age is [...]

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Will I get a refund on Private School Fees?

For clients paying private school fees, it looks very possible that your child or children will not be returning to school before the end of the Summer Term in July. This begs the question will parents have to pay school fees for the Summer term which are normally due at the end of April? The [...]

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Due to move home during the pandemic?

If you are planning to move home, below are details of recent government and industry guidelines. You have exchanged contracts. If you have exchanged contracts and the property you are moving to is “vacant” you can continue with your move but need to follow the related guidance on home removals. There is no definition of [...]

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Cash Flow Modelling. Planning for a secure financial future.

Planning for a secure financial future?  It’s very helpful to build a detailed plan to create a picture of your finances now and in the future. Cash Flow Modelling is a way to assist you in making informed decisions over the years to help achieve your long-term objective of a secure financial future. At Anstee [...]

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Divorce. Don’t lose out financially.

First of all, do you really want a divorce? Have you looked at the reasons why you are unhappy in your relationship? Have all the avenues such as marriage counselling, marriage coaching, psychotherapy or separation been explored. If you feel that there is no going back, you will need to consider the following. Take professional [...]

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