Congratulations: Exam pass for Andie Derry

Congratulations to Andie Derry, part of the client support team at our Kettering Office. Andie has passed unit 318, Principles of Business Communication. This unit counts towards the completion of a City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Business Administrator (3473) qualification. The qualifications aim is to develop Andie knowledge, understanding and skills across a [...]

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Asset Classes? Do I need to attend them?

When undertaking a financial planning review with our clients our financial planners often talk about different asset classes. So what do they mean? Below is a brief overview of what these asset classes do. Some asset classes are better for income while others come into their own when you are looking for capital growth. Some [...]

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Equity release. How could it work for you?

As a homeowner, you will be aware of the increasing value of your home. Like many other people, you may find that your property is now worth much more than the amount you originally paid. How can you release this equity? Equity release allows you to unlock money from your home. This could be in [...]

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The Budget 2018. The key points.

Now that the dust has settled here are the key points of The Budget for 2018. Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his 2018 Budget on 29 October. He stated that his was- "a budget for hard-working people" and that "the era of austerity is finally coming to an end". 3.3 million more people in work since 2010 [...]

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Stock Market Volatility. How best to invest.

Stock Market volatility is usually defined by big swings in either direction, which can cause the price of a security to change dramatically.  Lately, we've seen an increase in volatility but this is not an undue concern to us. Volatility can be triggered by many events and is a normal part of investing which should [...]

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Venture Capital Trust Schemes. What are they?

Should they be included in your retirement portfolio? As retirement planning becomes increasingly more complicated, holding Venture Capital Trusts (VCT’s) or Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS’s) in your portfolio may prove beneficial. So how can they save you from paying too much tax? Venture Capital Trusts. First of all, VCTs are companies that are listed on [...]

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Second year running as a “Top 100” financial planning firm.

For the second year running Anstee & Co have been listed in the “New Model Advisers” Top 100 firms for 2018. This a prestigious national financial industry award. The list highlights the best independent financial planners in the UK. The judges commented on Anstee & Co.’s expansion into Birmingham with a new office. Additionally, they liked [...]

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Equity Release: Planning for Later Life.

Originally equity release was designed for older people who wanted to increase their income in retirement by releasing some of the equity tied up in their homes without downsizing. The equity release market is very competitive with lenders bring out more initiative products that can offer more flexibility than before. These new products still offer [...]

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Inheritance tax needs to be updated.

Back in 1796, inheritance tax was introduced as a levy on the very rich. With property prices rising especially in London and the South East, more and more people are now being drawn into paying this tax. Over the years the government has added a series of exemptions to allow families to pass more of [...]

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Are “Care Plans” a good way of capping, care fee costs?

Care Plans or to give them their technical name – Immediate needs annuities. These plans are designed to provide an income for life in exchange for a lump sum investment. The income is paid out regardless of how long the plan holder may live. These type of plans are only available to people who have [...]

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