Not sure if you can afford to retire yet?

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co. In this short video, Rachel shows you how we make use of cash flow modelling tools in a practical case study. As a business, we use cash flow modelling to help you see what your retirement will look like financially. Through a series [...]

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Planning for your financial future during the lock down.

Thanks to the coronavirus (CORVID-19), we are all worried to some degree about our health as well as our wealth. We have seen fluctuations in stock markets around the world, which are now showing signs of recovery as we move into what is being called the "new normal". Without a doubt, we are all going [...]

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Should I stop my pension contributions while furloughed?

For many people after being furloughed the first thing they do is to look very carefully at where they spend their money. They will draw up a list of priorities. Food, the mortgage or rent and utilities are usually at the top of most people's lists. At the bottom are often that gym membership that [...]

2020-04-08T16:27:39+01:00April 14th, 2020|News|

Long term care funding dilemma needs financial planning.

The demand for places for long term care is increasing due to us all living longer. However, funding to cover the care home, which is mainly paid for by Local Authorities is under pressure. Many Local Authorities resources are limited. This is leading to them demanding places at below their cost price. Care homes are [...]

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Additional Permitted Subscription for ISA’s

By Samantha Clarke, Chartered Paraplanner with Anstee & Co. So, what is an "Additional Permitted Subscription" and how does it relate to an Individual Savings Account (ISA)? In 2015, the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) was introduced which allows a surviving spouse or civil partner to be granted a one-off additional ISA allowance, without this amount [...]

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Lasting Power of Attorney: Will it give you peace of mind?

In this article, we will look at what a Lasting Power of Attorney is, what it does and why you should be considering drawing one up. So what is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), are legal documents that can be used to help you safeguard your financial future. A [...]

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“How do I get a divorce?” Don’t google it.

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planning with Anstee & Co. Happy New Year!  Not so happy for some…  January is traditionally the month I write about divorce, given that Google is reporting a 230% increase on last month on ‘ how do I get a divorce ’.  Obviously, it’s important for divorcing couples to get [...]

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Inheritance Tax: This is what you need to know.

By Samantha Clarke, Chartered Paraplanner with Anstee & Co. Inheritance Tax (IHT) is paid on the value of the assets that a person leaves behind when they die.  It can also apply to some gifts that are made before someone dies. If you are married or have a civil partner, you can leave the entire [...]

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Christmas and New Year office opening times. Below are this years Christmas and New Year opening times.   December 2019. Monday 23rd: Open. Tuesday 24th:  9 am -12 noon. Wednesday 25th:  Closed. Thursday 26th: Closed. Friday 27th: Closed. Saturday 28th: Closed. Sunday 29th: Closed. Monday 30th: [...]

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Inheritance tax receipts keep rising. Need you pay?

Exceptionally high levels of stamp duty are reported to be discouraging house sales and in particular discouraging older people from downsizing. Stamp duty on the sale of a £2 million home will amount to £153,750 and on a £600,000 home to £20,000. The government is also benefitting from increased receipts from inheritance tax (IHT) which [...]

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