woman making phone call about PensionsBy Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co.

A while ago, I visited two sets of completely unrelated new clients who are both in a very similar position. Both the husbands are tradesmen and both the wives run the office for them under a limited company. Both got in touch as their businesses were ticking along nicely and they felt that they needed to focus on pensions and do not know much about them. Luckily for them, I know lots about pensions!

One couple was in their 40s with two teenage children, and the other was in their 30s with two preschool children. They all had little or no pension provision to date.  They would like to employ someone to run the businesses and do the trade and take a nice dividend in retirement but appreciate the need to have a backup plan in the form of a pension.

The recommendation.

PFS logo for financial adviceI explained to them that a company contribution is better than a personal one, as although you get tax relief on a personal contribution, you as the director and as the employer, both must pay National Insurance contributions on salary, whereas none is paid on company pension contributions.

I also explained to them that they should try to build up equal pension provision so that they are using up both personal allowances during retirement.  There is no tax efficiency for one spouse having a taxable income and the other not even using their personal allowance. It also helps with death benefit planning for each to have their own pot.

Pensions advice logoOnce we had set a budget for pension planning, we moved on to insurance. Both couples have Critical Illness Cover on their mortgages which is good, but there is a better way of doing things. A Critical Illness policy will cover just that, a bad, life-threatening disease. However, Income Protection will cover anything that prevents you from doing your job, for the tradesmen, this could be a dodgy knee or a bad back, for the office person, this could be stress-related. Of course, the critical illnesses are all covered too if they prevent you from doing your job. This cover is essential when both of your incomes depend on the business being a success.

How Anstee & Co can help you and your business with pensions.

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