Do your parents have a financial plan? Part two.

This is the second of a series of articles about the difficult questions you need to be asking your elderly parents. In the first article, we looked at the importance of ensuring that there is a financial plan in place and the need to have a record of your parent's assets. As mentioned before this [...]

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Planning for your financial future during the lock down.

Thanks to the coronavirus (CORVID-19), we are all worried to some degree about our health as well as our wealth. We have seen fluctuations in stock markets around the world, which are now showing signs of recovery as we move into what is being called the "new normal". Without a doubt, we are all going [...]

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Retirement planning: What if I live to 100?

Living well into and past your 90’s is a real possibility today. Life expectancy is certainly getting longer for both men and women. For some this sounds exciting, for others it’s a worry about how they will afford to live.  Whichever way you look at it, it certainly complicates things, especially your finances. That's why [...]

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Challenges of a later life divorce. We can help you.

Divorce for those over the age of 55 is on the rise. Often referred to as “silver separators”, later life divorce can present many financial challenges. Running two homes can potentially be more costly than running one large house. With two properties there is also two sets of everything to pay for, including household bills, [...]

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Accessing your pension early? Should you?

Some of our clients ask if they can access their pension early? The answer that we give is that depends on your pension type. Let’s have a look at the most common types- State Pension The earliest you can get a State Pension is when you reach State Pension age. Your State Pension age is [...]

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Cash Flow Modelling. Planning for a secure financial future.

Planning for a secure financial future?  It’s very helpful to build a detailed plan to create a picture of your finances now and in the future. Cash Flow Modelling is a way to assist you in making informed decisions over the years to help achieve your long-term objective of a secure financial future. At Anstee [...]

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Divorce. Why do you need to be aware of your finances?

It is only natural that after being with someone for a while that your finances become entwined. You will be surprised by how many financial products and agreements you will share with your ex-partner. These agreements may be in the form of a mortgage, credit card, car loan or even everyday utility bills. You need [...]

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Additional Permitted Subscription for ISA’s

By Samantha Clarke, Chartered Paraplanner with Anstee & Co. So, what is an "Additional Permitted Subscription" and how does it relate to an Individual Savings Account (ISA)? In 2015, the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) was introduced which allows a surviving spouse or civil partner to be granted a one-off additional ISA allowance, without this amount [...]

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Finding ‘The One’ in later life may prove expensive?

Getting remarried in later life can impact your financial plans. By contrast, younger people are now less likely to marry, while marriage rates for men over the age of 60 and women over the age of 50 are increasing. These figures show that people are also choosing to cohabit either as a forerunner to marriage [...]

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Christmas Cheer for Teamwork Trust.

As in previous years, the team have forgone the office "Secret Santa". The money spent on what is often an unwanted but sometimes funny gift has been donated to "Teamwork Trust" based in Northamptonshire. Paraplanner Raj Chettra and Financial Planner, Rachel Efetha visited the Kettering Centre to make the presentation. Teamwork had requested that we [...]

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