Pension Freedoms. How do they affect me?

The Government, back in 2015 applied changes to how we all could save for our retirement and the way in which we could receive the benefits. This legislation was generally referred to as Pension Freedoms. These changes did not apply to people who held their retirement benefits in a Defined Benefit (DB) arrangements. Defined Benefit [...]

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The “Old Lady” sends out a subtle warning.

 The Bank of England’s latest quarterly inflation report has hinted that the future path of interest rates may not be quite what the market expects. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England said- “On the whole, the Committee judges that, if the economy follows a path broadly consistent with its central projection, then monetary [...]

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Trust. The different types and when to use them.

There are various types of trust each used for a different objective. The main two types are as follows- Interest in possession trust. The above is when one or more beneficiaries have the right to receive income from the trust or the right to trusts asset during their lifetime. The trust could include both named beneficiaries [...]

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