Start now for next year’s tax return. Our top tips.

I would urge you now to start planning for your next tax return.  Don't leave it to the last minute and avoid all that last minute stress. Recent figures from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that over 93% of people who were required to submit a self–assessment tax return did so by the [...]

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How to “legitimately” save paying Inheritance Tax

If you have an estate that is worth more than £325, 000, Inheritance Tax (IHT) of 40% is paid on the excess. You can pass on your estate to a spouse or civil partner completely tax-free on death. If you leave it to your children or others, they will not benefit in the same way. [...]

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Housing wealth could be the key to comfortable retirement.

Couple planning their retirement People retiring over the last twenty years, have on average, seen enormous rises in the value of their homes. Figures show that house prices have risen in England by 42% in the last twelve years alone. These figures highlight that your home could be an obvious asset to tap [...]

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Tax allowances. Use them or lose them.

By Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner based in Bedford. Having just had the Chinese New Year on Friday 16th February, we are looking ahead to the next New Year in our calendar, or rather, the end of the current year.  That year is the tax year, which runs from 6th April – 5th April each [...]

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Investment Update. Fund Managers views.

By Rachael Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner based in Bedford. Carl Stephenson and I represented Anstee & Co at the Architas Investment Conference last week where we spent two days with some of the top fund managers and financial services influencers. Architas is a Multi-Manager firm. This means that they decide on the overall asset allocation [...]

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What are the different types of ISA?

The best source of guidance on ISA (Individual Savings Accounts) is your Anstee & Co financial adviser. Their advice is independent and unbiased, but here are the key details. Different types if ISA There are currently five types of ISA: Cash ISAs can include savings in bank and building society accounts and some NS&I (National [...]

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ISA allowances and options to maximise them.

The best source of concise guidance on Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), is you Anstee & Co financial adviser, but here are the key areas for consideration: Use your full annual Individual Savings Account allowance if you can- you can’t carry it into the next tax year. Where possible, transfer existing investment's which are subject to tax on [...]

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