Protection for when the unexpected happens.

woman looking for protectionBy Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner with Anstee & Co.

I’d like to tell you about my client David.  Eight years ago, his wife, Kath, was hit by a car when their youngest son was just two weeks old.  She was in a coma for six months and is now severely brain-damaged.  David had to give up his very successful job to care for her and their two children.  He also had to sell his very big house and buy a small terrace as he couldn’t afford the mortgage payments.  Although they receive various state benefits to enable them to get by, they are nowhere near the standard of living they previously enjoyed.  He is now having to draw on his pension early to give them some further funds to pay for things like school trips for the children. If only they had taken protection advice.

What could have happened if they had protection?

If Kath had taken out income protection or critical illness cover, they could be enjoying a much higher standard of living now and although that would not make Kath any better, it would take away the financial stress that David has undergone over the last eight years when his world fell apart.

Although this is a true case the names have been changed.

How Anstee & Co can help you cover the unexpected.

Accidents happen, as well as illnesses, if you know anyone who doesn’t have any provision for an ongoing income if they are unable to work through an accident or illness, then we can help.

We are a firm of Independent Financial Planners (IFA’s). Being independent means that the financial advice we offer is unbiased. We look at all the solutions that are available to you. Why not arrange a meeting today to see how we can help you design your financial future?  The meetings can be arranged at a time and location that is convenient for you. This maybe your home or at one of our offices. We have offices located at-

  • Kettering, Northamptonshire
  • Stamford, Lincolnshire
  • London, Pall Mall, Greater London

Also, our Financial Planners live and make use of meeting rooms in-

  • Bedford, Bedfordshire
  • Market Harborough, Leicestershire
  • Northampton, Brackley Wellingborough and Towcester in Northamptonshire.

We cannot stop the unexpected happening, but we can help you plan for when it does.

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