Now could be the best time to be a first-time buyer?

We could be entering a period of opportunity for first-time buyers. Market conditions could be perfect for people looking to buy their first home. Buyers are able to take advantage of cheap mortgage rates and the weakening housing market.  Additionally, as a first-time buyer, you can still make use of the government’s Help to Buy [...]

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Finalist: NatWest Local Hero Mortgage Awards.

We have reached the final of NatWest Mortgage Local Hero Awards. NatWest Mortgages is recognising mortgage brokers that have gone beyond everyday expectations. Above all, they have put the customer and their local community at the heart of their firm. In total 60 firms have been shortlisted for recognition in the 12 regional awards. Anstee & [...]

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Overpaying your mortgage? Should you?

Recent figures from the consumer group "Which" show that nearly half (46%) of homeowners are overpaying their mortgage. The largest group overpaying being the under 25's. So should you be thinking about overpaying your mortgage? Why should you overpay your mortgage? Overpaying allows you to save on your interest payments. This saving can be substantial [...]

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First-time buyer? Need help finding your deposit?

For most first-time mortgage buyers getting the deposit together is hard. To help first-time buyers the government launched its Lifetime ISA. Sometimes known as a LISA. This scheme was first made available in April 2017 and is open to people aged 18 but before the age of 40, who are UK residents. You’re able to [...]

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Top marks to our Mortgage Adviser on his mortgage advice.

Congratulations to John “Bob” Cossons on receiving top marks from a national publication on the mortgage advice he gave. Each week a mystery shopper from the FT Adviser seeks advice from independent advisers in the UK.  The FT Adviser is part of the well-respected Financial Times Group of publications. The aim is to find out [...]

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Mortgage dos and don’ts for the self-employed.

If you are self-employed and looking to renew or take out a new mortgage then follow these eight top tips to ensure that you get the best mortgage for you. It’s important if you are looking to get the best deal that you start planning well before you need the mortgage. The financial advice below [...]

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Welcome to Tracy Walsh who has joined the team.

Welcome to Tracy Walsh who has joined the support team at our Kettering office. Tracy will form part of the expanding Pensions and Investment team. Her role will be to provide administration support to our independent financial advisers. Also, she will liaise with our providers and clients.  Tracy has over ten years’ experience in various [...]

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Buy-to-let mortgage clampdown is coming.

Landlords with a buy-to-let mortgage will be facing further new regulations being introduced on the 1st October 2017. These new rules have been introduced by The Bank of England. They apply to landlords who have a property portfolio of four or more properties. Every time such landlords refinance one property, or buy another, mortgage lenders will have [...]

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Retirement Mortgages. They could be coming soon.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulates the mortgage market in the United Kingdom have launched proposals to create a market for interest only mortgages for the retired. They have approached the mortgage industry to look at solutions for interest only mortgages that last until you die.   What are the FCA’s thoughts? Retirement interest [...]

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Interest only mortgage? What are your repayment options?

Many people may struggle to repay their interest-only mortgage when it comes to the end of its term. A large number of interest-only mortgages were sold in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. They were often linked to endowment savings plans. These plans were designed to generate a tax-free lump sum to repay the mortgage. Some [...]

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