Cash Flow Modelling. Planning for a secure financial future.

Cash Flow Modelling woman drivingPlanning for a secure financial future? 

It’s very helpful to build a detailed plan to create a picture of your finances now and in the future. Cash Flow Modelling is a way to assist you in making informed decisions over the years to help achieve your long-term objective of a secure financial future.

At Anstee & Co our highly experienced financial planners can, with the help of sophisticated software, build a personal cash flow model for you.

Will Cash Flow Modelling work for me?

We will first discuss your financial objectives, your concerns, expenditure and your attitude to risk before creating a plan that will give you a guide on how best to plan for the future, taking into account any possible adverse events which may affect your financial situation.

When you have a plan in place we will hold regular review meetings with you to actively manage your plan. This will ensure that you will stay on track for a secure financial future.

You can check out our Cash Flow Modelling video here

How Anstee & Co can help you secure your financial future.

We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s). This means that we offer you unbiased financial advice. Furthermore, we will look at all of the financial options available to you. Our financial solutions come from the “whole of market”. This is unlike some advisers that recommend only their own products or who work from a limited panel.  Our advisers are continually updating their knowledge through a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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Also, financial planners live and make use of meeting rooms in-

  • Bedford, Bedfordshire
  • Market Harborough, Leicestershire
  • Northampton, Wellingborough, Thrapston, Rushden and Towcester all in Northamptonshire

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