Would you like a Dementia Friends Information Session?

Dementia Friends trainert RachelBy Rachel Efetha, Chartered Financial Planner.

Yesterday morning I was pleased to present a Dementia Friends Information Session to the BRI Networking Breakfast in Northampton.

The Information Session helps to explain what dementia is and encourages the audience to take action after participating, from something as simple as wearing their Forget-Me-Not Dementia Friend badge to joining the Dementia Revolution.

Why I became a Dementia Friends trainer.

I became a Dementia Friend around three years ago as I felt it was important for me in my role when I deal with elderly clients. I have seen a few gradually starting to get confused about their investments when previously they understood them clearly.  This is one of the reasons we always recommend that a friend or relative attends our meetings with elderly and vulnerable clients.  Also, I advise family members who have power of attorney for a parent who has already been diagnosed, quite often on care home fees planning. It’s good to know a bit about what their relative is living with.

Just over a year ago, I went on the Dementia Friends Champion training course, which trained me to deliver the Information session myself.  I’m in no way an expert in Dementia, but I know enough to deliver the session to others.  I immediately set to work with the whole team at Anstee & Co and we are proud to be a Dementia Friendly firm, from our Managing Director to our Apprentices.

Would you like to know more?

It’s a lovely session with some great examples and explanations which will stick in your mind.  If you would like me to present at your Networking Event/ Round Table/ Rotary/ WI/ Team Meeting, then just let me know. It’s free of charge as I do it on a voluntary basis, with Anstee’s support to do it during the working day if needed. It’s part of our way of giving back to the community.

Why not attend an Information Session yourself?

Details of my next Information Session are:

Date: Tuesday 14th May 2019

Time: 10.00 to 11.00am

Venue: Anstee & Co, 5 Brooklands Court, Kettering Venture Park, Kettering. NN15 6FD.

Cost: Free

To book yourself on to the above event, follow this link to the Dementia Friends website.


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