woman with face in hands thinking about pension in a divorceWe understand that relationship breakdowns can be emotionally tough and financially expensive, so try and avoid these mistakes. You mustn’t underestimate the value of your pension in a divorce settlement.

Understand the value of your pensions in a divorce.

The valuation of a pension in divorce is never straightforward. Some pensions include guaranteed levels of income and built-in inflation protection. The value of these features can be misunderstood. It is essential that when getting a divorce your legal adviser gets expert help to understand their true value.

The law aims to achieve equality between the two divorcing parties of income in retirement. The value of a pension can vary by as much as twenty to forty times the prospective annual pension.

Update your will.

Your will, will automatically be revoked after a divorce. So it is an ideal time to draw up a new one. Remember also to update your expression of wish form for your pension. If you have drawn up a lasting power of attorney it is worth reviewing it to see if it mentioned any former partner.

Make sure that the financial settlement is approved by a court.

PFS logo Any financial settlement should be approved by a court rather than written into a legal document. This provides some protection if one party invests unwisely and then comes back asking for more.

How Anstee & Co can help you with your pension in a divorce.

The above is a broad brush stroke guide. We understand that getting a divorce is never easy Every divorce and financial settlement is different that is why it is worth getting professional help from a solicitor and an independent financial adviser. As independent financial advisers, the financial advice we give is unbiased.

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