Paying too much tax on your pension?

pension drawdown planMany financial planners fear that people are paying more tax than they need to because they do not fully understand the rules around withdrawing money from their pension.

When the pension freedoms came into force back in April 2015, one of the key changes was the introduction of what is known as “Flexible-Access Drawdown”. Which means that you can take an income of any amount from your pension pot, while still leaving it invested.

Flexible-Access Drawdown. What is it?

In the past, it was normal that most people cashed in their pension pot to buy an annuity. The annuity guaranteed them a set income for life. On the downside, annuities provided little flexibility and the payments reduced as life expectancy increased and investment returns reduced.

As an alternative, pension drawdown is a way of taking money out of your pension pot to provide your income. It offers far more flexibility as you can take out the amounts you need when you need them. The downside is that there are different ways of going into drawdown, with various tax implications, which is where the confusion arises.

How Anstee & Co can help you?

“When” and “the amount” you withdraw from your pension pot can have a large impact on your tax bill. By looking at your planned expenditure over the years you can, with the help of a financial planner, minimise the tax you need to pay.

pension drawdown logo call backAt Anstee & Co our financial planners use the latest cash flow modelling tools to help with their recommendations.

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