Start now for next year’s tax return. Our top tips.

I would urge you now to start planning for your next tax return.  Don't leave it to the last minute and avoid all that last minute stress. Recent figures from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) show that over 93% of people who were required to submit a self–assessment tax return did so by the [...]

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Paying too much tax on your pension?

Many financial planners fear that people are paying more tax than they need to because they do not fully understand the rules around withdrawing money from their pension. When the pension freedoms came into force back in April 2015, one of the key changes was the introduction of what is known as "Flexible-Access Drawdown". Which [...]

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Venture Capital Trusts. Are they suitable for you?

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) are investment companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are run by a Fund Manager.  They offer investors the chance to invest in small firms to help them grow. A VCT is highly tax-efficient as the government offers generous tax breaks to VCT investors.  They currently attract income [...]

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Do you want to be a “Silver Striver”? The dos and don’ts.

What is a silver striver I hear you ask? Is it a new superhero from Marvels Infinity Wars film? Well no, a silver striver is the new term being used by marketing types for people who are working past their retirement date. If this is something that you are considering out of choice or necessity [...]

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Budget November 2017.The key points.

The key points to the November 2017 Budget. Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his second Budget on 22nd November. Below is a summary of the key points from his speech:  Stamp Duty & Housing.  Stamp duty to be abolished immediately for first time buyers purchasing property worth up to £300,000. £44bn pledged to support building 300,000 [...]

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Financial planning. How to pass on wealth in a prudent way?

With politicians trying to woo the young voters with sweeteners on tuition fees and a boost for Help to Buy. Parents can help now with sound financial planning. There are plenty of ways that parents can do more, from gifting money in a tax-efficient way, to passing on a pension or helping their children with [...]

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Self-employed? Ways for you to build your financial future.

There can be many benefits to being self-employed or running your own business. The flexible hours, being able to work from home. Holidays when and for how long you want them. Of course being your own boss also has its downside. It’s not just about making sure your business is profitable and being able pay [...]

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Money Marketing Profile: How Anstee & Co’s boss is fighting for financial education.

Anstee & Co managing director Caroline Anstee on how financial education can solve the industry’s problems By Amanda Newman Smith 29th September 2017 12:29 pm from Money Marketing. Anstee & Co managing director Caroline Anstee Entering one crossword answer can often help you with those that are linked to it. You may not be able [...]

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