people enjoying flexi-access drawdownUntil about ten years ago most people bought an annuity with their pension “pots” on retirement. Over the years buying an annuity this has fallen out of favour. This has been due in part to the fact that many felt it was unfair that you needed to lock in your future pension returns at some random point in time. This, together with annuity rates decreasing due to us living longer and lower investment returns.

With flexi-access drawdown – also known as ‘pension income drawdown’ – you keep most or all of your pension pot invested and draw an income from it.

Flexi-access drawdown.

With flexi-access drawdown, you reinvest your pot into funds designed to provide you with a taxable retirement income. The income can be taken in amounts and at times to suit you.  This income may vary depending on the fund’s performance and it is not guaranteed for life. Most people use drawdown to take a regular income.

You will have a choice of funds to invest your money in. These investments should match your income objectives and your attitude to risk.  You can invest with your current pension company or a different one.

You have a choice that once you have taken your tax-free lump sum you can start taking your income right away or leave it to a later date. Also, you are not locked into your income drawdown scheme. At any time you can use all or part of it to buy a more structured retirement income product such as an annuity with its guaranteed returns.

What are the benefits of a flexible income drawdown?

Flexible income drawdown will give you flexibility when it comes to funding Long Term Care. It also provides more flexibility when planning for inheritance tax.

How Anstee and co can help you with flexi-access drawdown.

If you don’t feel confident dealing with all the complex decisions then speak with an independent financial adviser like ourselves. Being independent means that we offer unbiased advice and look at all the options available to you. We will help you decide if income drawdown is right for you as it is not always the best option for everyone. We will help you understand the risks and the levels of income you are likely to receive. As your independent financial adviser, we will also review the funds for you over time and provide further advice if your circumstances change.

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