Relationship breakdown. What can be done financially?

When a relationship breaks down it is never easy. Groucho Marx, the American comedian, famously said - “Marriage is a fine institution, but who wants to live in an institution” First of all, couples who are living together often do not realise that they don’t enjoy the same legal rights as those married or living [...]

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Challenges for later life divorce.

Divorce for those over the age of 55 is on the rise. Often referred to as “silver separators”, later life divorce can present financial challenges. Running two homes can potentially be more costly than running one large house. With two properties there is also two sets of everything to pay, including household bills, maintaining the [...]

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Lifetime mortgage for the “silver separators”.

Divorce is an area where sound independent professional advice early on can make a real difference. For example, a split where one party gets the home and the other get the cash and investments may seem fair at first. However, the fall out may be that one party is tied to a property which may [...]

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We have now opened a new office in Snow Hill, Birmingham.

New Birmingham Office opened. Our new office is located at 2, Snow Hill, Birmingham B4 6GA. The office is situated in the heart of the Birmingham’s business district and is part of the Colmore Business District. Tracey Foster, independent financial adviser (IFA), is heading up the team at this new office. She has work in [...]

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Pensions in divorce. What to do with your pension.

Surprisingly, divorce rates are falling. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), there were 101,055 divorces in the United Kingdom in 2015. This is a 9 per cent reduction from 2014. Getting divorced can have impact on your pension. The average age for getting divorced is increasing. For men the age is now over 45 [...]

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What happens to the family home if we divorce?

This, unfortunately is a question that our financial advisers we are being asked more and more by clients. So do you need a financial adviser? To start with all the assets of a divorcing couple will need to be valued. This is before any decisions can be taken as to how they should be shared. This [...]

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