Tax adviceOnly a quarter of couples who are eligible for the new marriage allowance are claiming it. HM Revenue & Customs said last week. It is thought that about three million couples, including those in a civil partnership, who could have applied for this tax rebate, have not. This rebate is worth up to £220 per year. So, its worth having.

Peter Anstee, Business Development Manager at Anstee & Co., Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) said-

“It takes about five minutes to apply on line at   However, this is not eligible for higher earners. No one like to pay too much tax, so a rebate is even better. I would recommend a full financial review at least once a year.”

How Anstee & Co can help with your tax.

We would recommend an annual review with one of our specialist tax advisers to ensure that you are not losing out. The initial meeting with our financial adviser  is free of charge. At this meeting we like to get to know you and your financial circumstances. Only when we have a complete understanding of your circumstance will we be able to make a recommendation. We will work closely with your existing professional advisers such as your accountant or solicitor.

Anstee & Co are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring the highest professional standards. We are independent, so we offer impartial, unbiased financial advice, from the whole of the market.

Sound financial planning is key to ensuring your future wealth and security. Tax planning is a key element of this.

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