Philippa Barret intern looking at investmentIntern Philippa Barrett: Week two.

By Philippa Barrett, intern at Anstee & Co.

At the start of this week I spent more time with the mortgage team, accompanying them on my first mortgage meeting. The subject of the meeting was to roughly calculate what mortgage the client would likely be able to obtain in order to get an idea of the houses the client should and should not be looking at. It was interesting to see how the various companies came to different conclusions about which mortgage the client could afford. Determining affordability was partly dependent on the multiples of their income they used in their formulations.

Later that day I sent off a couple’s life cover applications to the companies that were recommended by the mortgage advisor. The reasons for recommending these particular companies were not as I expected, one being recommended because it used the American Body Mass Indicator (BMI) as opposed to the British BMI therefore the insurance would be cheaper.

This week’s highlight.

On Wednesday I went to a SimplyBiz event which was a day of presentations from investment companies of the likes of Jupiter, Liontrust and Cornelian. The aim of the investment forum was to explain to advisors why these particular investment houses are successful in delivering returns in current economic and political conditions. For example as interest rates are extremely low, bond returns are particularly worrying which makes for a nervous investor as the average portfolio allocates 30% to fixed interest. However Carmignac proposed that if you take a more global stance to fixed interest by investing in emerging market debt, portfolios will be able to deliver more attractive returns whilst still managing risk.

I was also introduced to long value property which can be used as an alternative to fixed interest and has further downside risk advantages since they are built on long lease terms and long term value as opposed to market value thus insuring against events like Brexit.

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